New Bridge Game Times & Days

New Games Start Time:

Monday Evenings 6:30 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 12 pm

March Madness Discounted Fee: $10/player (regular game fee $12/player)


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New Games Overview

The Wednesday 12 pm and Thursday 9:30 am games are continuing as usual and they are also discounted for March.

New games are open. Everyone is encouraged to attend. We are looking to build friendly, inviting games where we are all enjoying the socialization, and competition.

While we are getting the games off the ground, preregistration is required.

Call or email


Games will be canceled with fewer than 5 preregistered tables.

Need a partner?

Call or email


24 hr. notice requested

Further explanation and details below

About Preregistration:

Contact Bernadette at 856-298-9238 or email to [email protected]

We want the games to be successful and run every week 🙂 We also want to respect everyone’s time. For the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning games registration is requested, it makes it easier to plan the game movement.

Need a Partner?

If you want to play but don’t have a partner, please reach out. Frequently there are other players also looking for partners.

Please give 24+hr. notice for a partner.

Contact at above information.

About Canceling Games

No news is good news.

Games will be cancelled with fewer than 5 tables preregistration.

Why? With 5 tables preregistered, there will still be enough to run a small, friendly, game even if not everyone who preregistered is able to attend.

If a game isn’t going to run in a given week, the event on the Game Friendzy calendar will be edited to reflect the change. Click here to go to the Game Friendzy calendar. Also, an email will be sent to the players who registered.


Cancelation Notice Schedule

Monday Evening game notice will be given Saturday evening.

Tuesday Afternoon game notice will be given Sunday evening.

Thursday Afternoon game notice will be given Tuesday evening.

Saturday Afternoon game notice will be given Thursday evening.

Arrive Ontime

10 minutes prior to the start of the game is on time. The goal is to start playing as close to the start time as possible. To achieve that we need players at the tables at start time.

Complimentary Hospitality

Complimentary coffee, tea, and light snacks are available for all Game Friendzy events.