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Game Friendzy’s mission is to offer a
welcoming space that encourages
socialization opportunities through
brain-engaging games, activities, & crafts.

We look to:
Develop a community of lifelong learners where
trying something new is encouraged and
not knowing how to do something is an opportunity
to explore and learn.

We love games.
We love to teach, and play games.
We welcome all levels of player.
Bridge ~ Mah Jongg ~ Canasta
Pinochle ~ Dungeons & Dragons
Just to name a few

7 Carnegie Plaza
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


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Mah Jongg,

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Here we blog about all things games!

Games enrich our lives.

They are fun, entertaining and engaging,
opening us up to creativity,
out-of-the-box thinking,
role-playing and so much more.


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